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Associazione Nazionale Giacche Verdi Raggruppamento Provinciale di Bronte

Since 10 years our organisation works with local and regional volunteers on a regional level. The volunteers take regularly part in all of our projects. In 2010 the provincial Giacche Verdi group of Bronte established its own initiative, but is still connected and integrated in the regional and national association.
In conventions with FISE (Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri) and the national association for sport activities with handicapped people ANIRE (Ass. Naz. Italiana di Riabilitazione Equestre ed Equitazione Ricreativa e Sportiva Per Handicappati).




Since 2010 our association works together with the local agricultural cooperative “Le Piccole Terre”, which cares for nature conservation, particularly for conserving the natural biodiversity in Sicilia on farm lands. They promote biological methods and traditional cultivation. They include our volunteers in different field works in order to understand our local base of economy. They let them take part in scientific researches on the local flora and fauna and in projects which aims to enhance the biodiversity.

One of our main objectives is to let young people of different cultures share experiences in topics like nature conservation and social themes, which concern the whole world and give them the feeling of being an European citizen. They shall learn, that their work and creation will have an impact on the European future, as the youth of today will become the adult of tomorrow.

The young volunteers from abroad will be involved in all of our activities and projects. They shall mainly be involved in activities with local young people in order to stimulate their creativity and transfer their individual spirit into a group contest – for solidarity and tolerance through each other.
Forging a model reaching for a European citizen solidarity without borders.
Our activities help the volunteers in their individual and human growth towards active European citizens. They will rise competences and knowledge in the working sector, social services and environmental protection. Building on the volunteers knowledge, interest and capacity, their experience with us shall consolidate and rise the horizon to become an active citizen. We give them the opportunity of practical training, voluntary and free, professional advancement by acquiring marketable skills and knowledge in working with community services to people and the environment.
- the creation of a of knowledge that will enable them to work in partnership with qualified personnel;
- with this experience we want to consolidate and enrich the skills of active citizenship for that young volunteers, in virtue of their choice already possess.
In our office regularly work together the secretarial staff and responsible managers, who care about the organisation and developoment projects while coordinating various activities of the association. Annual projects are often fulfilled in collaboration with other governmental or private organisations and schools. There are many educational projects and campaigns. For instance:
The horse as means of transportation (seminar and workshop), Solidarity without boarders (riding reconstruction for the horse as means of transport), Naturalmente Cavalgiocando (environmental education in primary schools); La Banda del Parco (8-15 year old scouts of Giacche Verdi, who meet every week in our office for different acitvities) Language lessons (every week – for volunteers and interested children); Dont play with fire (campaign on forest fires); Tree festival (celebration); The school goes in town (on-hand educative activity on environmental issues for school children of all ages); In gallop through the province (promotion of the landscape and environmental protection); Join the voluntary service (recruitment of volunteers in high schools); Voluntary camps (a week with Giacche Verdi); Urban parks and protected areas (controlling and caring for); Idro-geographical landscape monitoring regarding forest fires (preventive); Horse crossing of the Nebrodi mountain, Horse riding on the Etna volcano (annual activities for the promotion of the protected areas and joint sportive activity); Clean rivers (educational project on water ecosystems for media school classes); A wood planted by children for children (reforestation project on the Etna for children of all ages with the aim of climate protection and environmental education), foreseen.

Many other daily initiatives and activities take place with the Giacche Verdi volunteers and their horses, in which the volunteers from abroad are involved and welcome and enabled to give own input of new ideas.

Our association has already experiance with young people with fewer opportunities: of difficult familiar situations (mainly economical problems), with social integrative problems, light behavior difficulties or from parents seperated.
Our association welcomes those people because of the double objective of our fundamental principles – social and beneficial.
Though we ourselves are not specialised in every educational sector, we include the needed professionals into our various projects, we made use of the sphere of professional behavior among young people and also develop initiatives and projects which aim on a better quality of live for those youngsters with fewer opportunities. Focusing emerge as dormant capacity and help to overcome negative experiences. We welcome young people of poor families who are often marginalized, without the opportunity to live the experiences reserved only for the privileged few.
We offer them a lot of experience, specially created for those youngsters.
The specility of our activities, the topics, the harmony, the close contact with nature and with horses will be of great help to enhance different abilities, to promote the integration of even the most agnostic of the subjects, making them the protagonists of a ‘unique experience of equal opportunities through the outside activities, which are the substance of the complex “simplicity”of the rhythms of nature, the natural course of actions and developments as time goes on and let them feel the simple essential needs.
We also think, that an exchange of experiances of young people from different social classes, of different cultures and different characters in a group context is a sign of ‘equality, integration and solidarity, increase further the concept of “altruism” that in the end the young volunteers will move back, but at the same time make a vocation they already have.


Address:  Via Cav.di Vittorio Veneto 1
Postal code:  95034
Town:  Bronte
Country:  Italy
Phone:  3200773856
Fax:  0957722108

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